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If there is a game series that has been played almost by every gamer out there, it’s GTA. We all love this amazing gangster saga about living in the ghetto, dealing with criminals of all sorts and of course causing trouble in the streets. After a slew of successful sequels, Rockstar is working on something even more fascinating! The studio has officially announced GTA 6 for 2021 (the 2019 launch popups turned out to be false) and we already know that it will include some entirely new features and awesome tweaks. Here is the information available about the new chapter of the legendary criminal franchise so far.

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GTA is going worldwide!

The place of events for GTA 6 is still debated. According to most rumors, the action will unfold in Vice City – yes, that same Vice City we already know. But now we can except to see its updated version, probably modernized and far from how it looked in the 80’s. However, this isn’t the only presumption. Some sources claim the studio plans to unite all cities from the previous chapters on one map. This is supported by the rumored name of the new version – GTA: Project Americas. Well, that would be a daring, but highly thrilling move! There are even suggestions that we might get an opportunity to fly to other continents. Some of the missions might be staged in cities like Paris, London and Las Vegas. But maybe we’ll be able to travel there not just in business, but also to relax and have fun. Surely, that will greatly increase the size of the map that already grew tremendously in the fifth chapter. So we are probably looking forward to one of the biggest open worlds that has ever been available in an online game!

Sistas in the neighborhood!

Another big change is expected to concern the gender of the main hero. In GTA 6 it is likely to be a woman. Rockstar should have done it long time ago. But, according to the company, it has just been waiting for the right time and for the right set. How exactly a new female figure will be implemented and how will the story run is still unknown. Perhaps developers will leave the ability to control several characters and switch between them pioneered in GTA 5. Given the reunion of all GTA cities, we might also probably expect the meeting of familiar heroes from old versions of the game. It will be thrilling to see how their fates intertwine this time!

New engine and VR technologies

Since GTA 6 will be release in line with the new generation of consoles, many rumors also point to a new game engine. As claimed by sources, the sixth chapter will get more realistic destruction physics, improved movement of characters and more spectacular weather effects. Besides, it’s also suggested that VR technologies won’t be left aside and some missions as well as minor in-game activities will also require a 3D headset. So far, this is the only information we have on the upcoming release. But we are sure to find out more in the nearest time! Follow us to keep up with the latest rumors and be the first to learn about any new details on GTA 6 online!