GTA 10

Ever since Rockstar announced the release of GTA 10 somewhere around 2021, there has been plenty of rumors surrounding the game. Apart from those claiming that it will unite all cities from the previous versions and add a female character, there are also some pretty exciting news about a new engine and virtual reality technologies.

First of all, GTA 6 is likely to take place in a reworked version of Vice City with the ability to move to plenty of other locations outside the U.S. Among them, sources mention Mexica, Great Britain and France. It’s unknown yet whether these new places will be mission-specific or free to enter any time. Anyway, GTA 6 is sure to feature the largest gaming map in history. While the territory of the GTA 5 map is 108 square kilometers, the total area of the GTA 6 map can grow to 400-500 km2.

Of course, moving on such a map can cause difficulties for players, so developers will have to provide some simple mechanisms for switching between locations. The system for switching between players introduced in GTA 5, loads the PC quite heavily and in some cases even causes the system to freeze, however it has been refined and optimized, so it can be left for GTA 6. The presence of airports clearly hints at the possibility of traveling between the cities by air with the ability to oversleep or just skip the flight. Taxis and intercity buses, trips on which can also be skipped, shouldn’t be excluded from consideration.

Finally, GTA 6 is expected to run on a new engine with improved character animation and behavior, advanced destruction physics, expanded weather effects and so on. Development of VR technologies in recent years has also been quite active and it can be assumed that by the release of a new GTA you might require a virtual reality headset. However, no one forces developers to do the whole game in VR, it will be enough to implement several missions in this format and some n-game activities like watching a movie or bowling. We are going to find out more details on the upcoming release in the nearest time. Keep track of our news to stay updated!

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