Development of GTA 7 has already begun! The whole world is looking forward to the sequel that is supposed to be called GTA 6: Project Americas. The events of the new part will presumably take place in Vice City or Miami, and the main character, most likely, will be a girl. However, Rockstars will hardly limit themselves to one character, and there will probably be an opportunity to switch between characters like in GTA 5. Also, the player will be able to move to South America, perhaps only to complete quests, and maybe even just like that. In one of the interviews, the studio said they have an idea to unite all the cities (except London) in one of the parts. Therefore, we should expect a huge expansion of the game world in the sixth chapter. GTA 6 has just been announced, but mod makers are already working on various cheats for the new version! On our site, you will be able to play the sixth part with car cheats, unlimited money mods and other helpful stuff that will make the process of playing GTA 6 online even more exciting and fun! The game is about to be released no earlier than 2021, just in time for the new generation of consoles. Follow our news to stay updated on recent leaks and official announcements about GTA 6!

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