Grand Theft Auto 4 was released at the very end of the latest gaming console generation, which itself is symbolic. If you look at it as the whole, you will see nothing fundamentally new – everything that we have in the fifth GTA 4 we have seen before somewhere, often more than once. On the other hand, not a single interactive gaming entertainment has been done at this level, millions of parts have not been worked out with such quality.

Los Santos, the city where the main action of the game takes place, immediately produces a positive impression and immediately impresses with its depth. Spacious streets, low-rise buildings, and many immediately recognizable places — we have never met such a precisely crafted version of Los Angeles in the virtual world. And even despite the fact that the open world itself is really huge in this game, the content here is very rich, and there are practically no similar places. You will walk past amusement parks and beaches, near a small area with high-rises, not far from Weinwood with its many luxurious villas. Not to mention the northern areas with small wooden houses, mountains, hills with various farms.

But most importantly, this whole world is really alive and independent. The behavior of virtual people is well thought out and diverse, it strongly depends on the place, time of the day, social status and type of activity of a certain person. Developers have even detailed the behavior of animals and pets. As a result, the virtual world of Grand Theft Auto 4 is extremely versatile and much better than the previous parts of the series. Often you want to escape from all possible missions and tasks and just live the virtual life of the city.

So whether you area dedicated mission follower who strictly sticks to the story or a free wanderer eager to explore the most remote corners of the open GTA world, you’ll surely have plenty of things to do in the game! Like previously, you can shoot at the police, race down the trafficked streets in stolen cars and wreck havoc over the city in a number of other fascinating ways. Play GTA 4 online and enjoy the vibrant reality with a perky gangster setting that has attracted a vast number of fans over the years!

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