GTA 6 Mods

At night, police cars and TV helicopters can be heard outside the window, and when morning comes the only thing the whole area speaks of is another skirmish in the neighborhood. Franklin is a young black fellow with a lot of ambitions who doesn’t approve of violence, but is willing to fight back to those who lay hands on his bro. He works in a local car-care center and returns to sleep at his mother’s house where his aunt lives constantly watching TV shows and chatting to her girlfriends, old virgins just like her, about feminism.

Unlike old-fashioned gangsters, who could buy just an ounce of cocaine or a gun, barely getting along somewhere at the factory or fast food cafe, Franklin Clinton decided to make his way to the serious league since early years. He used to stop smoking weed before the others, got to work at a place that’s more or less official (if theft can be called a job), and decided to split ways with the brotherhood from the ghetto.

And this is just when the two others make an appearance. The first is a man with a turbulent criminal past, a true expert of his business that also seems to be his hobby. But he has retired and is now living out his 40s with his hysterical wife and children. The second is a mad psychopath, terrorist, maniac and alcoholic who most of all loves to smash other people’s heads, wake up drunk and naked in the mountains and … your mother. These three heroes have every reason to hate each other, but you have to decide what exactly will happen to them in the end. Will they get rich by committing a series of loud looting all over Los Santos or perish in the abyss of hatred and banditry? It’s up to you to!

You will be responsible for all three characters. Each of them will have different missions to accomplish, but sometimes you’ll need all three to act together and do their respective part. There is an option to switch between the heroes any moment. That brings more dynamics and versatility to the game allowing you to decide what are you going to do next – go on another mortally dangerous affair or simply relax in one of the countless locales. Play GTA 6 with mods online and write your own ending of another criminal story from Rockstar!

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