GTA 6 Download

GTA is back and better than ever! This time you’ll be in charge of not one, but a total of three characters you can switch between right during missions! Each of them has a fascinating personality and an intriguing life story that you’ll be eager to find out. With a new plot to follow, an intricate entanglement of events that bring the paths of all three heroes together and thrilling missions that have become much more complicated and involved with the storyline, you’re sure to spend a good deal of hours in front of your computer screen discovering the vast world of GTA 6 2019.

But even in spite of the fact that much in the game has been redone from scratch, Rockstar didn’t retreat from its habit of mocking modern society. This also applies to several channels on local television, and indeed virtually infinite and fairly unique radio broadcast. There is even a fairly functional local stock exchange, and a parody of Facebook – a company where the average age of employees is 14 years. All these moments are difficult to even enumerate, but you can enjoy a huge number of virtual analogies and parallels with real life. In general, GTA 5 really turned out to be funny. This is mainly due to the extreme realism of the game – all the funny moments seem to really occur in life, which makes you perceive everything that happens on the screen differently, including humorous moments.

The behavior of people has also become much more natural – all the characters became owners of a truly realistic human walk and a huge set of situation-specific movements. Not less natural is the battle system – both hand-to-hand and shootouts. Plus, a more plausible partial destruction of objects and highly realistic explosions with all the ensuing consequences were added to the game. Firefights have finally ceased to remind us of the arcade mode and have become something serious, with the use of tactics and all possible covers, rather than just pouring the enemy with lead. This is really a big step into the new gaming era. At the same time, the behavior of virtual cars has remained the same. The sensitivity of the steering wheel is still much higher than it should be comparing with reality, and the accidents still don’t look realistic. Well, that just means Rockstar still has space for growth! But for now let’s enjoy what we have – there is surely a lot to surprise you in GTA 5! Check out all the new exciting features with your own eyes playing the new chapter of the iconic gangster series online!

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