GTA San Andreas

We’ve all been waiting for GTA San Andreas for a very long time and now the legendary gangster simulator is finally online! The game has become even more graphically attractive and detailed when it comes to the content of the virtual world. The city is so alive you feel like actually walking there. The plot as a whole is also highly vivid and intricate, resembling real lives with real tragedies, triumphs and unexpected turns of events. Speaking nothing of the missions – both from the main storyline and the secondary ones.

Developers paid no less attention to the characters who are very well thought through. One of the heroes – Michael who previously robbed banks – is now bored under the witness protection program. He has a large private mansion and a huge amount of unnecessary free time. The second hero, Franklin, comes from the ghetto. Now he is ready to do anything to climb the social ladder as high as possible. And finally, Trevor is a brutal lunatic who has dreamed all his life to devote himself to arms and drug trade on a grand scale. Each of these characters seems to be a much more interesting person than the more famous Niko Bellic.

You can switch between all three characters, at any time, which gives a special unique pace and style to the game plot. That is, while one protagonist just walks around the city, the second one can participate in a tough exchange of fire with the police. As a result, the game never gets boring. Both the intermediate stages and the introductory part are very short. You won’t even notice passing them, they won’t bother you much or distract you from the action.

In GTA V, a wide variety of fun and additional entertainments you can indulge in between the missions are back. The story missions (there are about seventy of them) are very intelligently and carefully set. The creators were finally able to get rid of the annoying type of mission such as “kill him” or “bring something.” Among the quests, burglaries are particularly interesting, as well as the tasks where the whole trinity of the main characters must participate – especially since many of these missions have to be planned and prepared by them in advance. At the same time, during any of these missions, each character is engaged in his own business, and at the right moments the game just offers to switch from one hero to another. There is a lot more for you to discover in GTA V. And you can do It this very second online!

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