Even before the official release, thousands of players have been scanning the back streets of the Internet in search of relevant and accurate information about Grand Theft Auto V. But before the game was finally out, no one could assume that Rokstar had prepared a huge world that could surprise even the most ardent fan! And if you are one of them, there is absolutely no excuse for you not to lay your hands on the latest chapter of the gangster saga online!

Don’t worry, if you don’t own a superpowerful computer, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the incredible graphics and full speed of GTA 5. One of the most important parameters is to optimize the game for different configurations. Even the owners of the weakest devices can count on launching this masterpiece, and the chosen ones who are destined to see this incredible reality at high settings can be proud of the capabilities of their gaming machine. Anyway, nothing will stop you from plunging into the carefully drawn and animated virtual reality where danger is lurking on every step!

So, you are going to encounter three completely different heroes. Each of them has its own unique character. One of them will take pleasure in destroying everything in his path, like eccentric psychopath named Trevor, and the other will feel Franklin’s desire to escape from his surroundings and rise to the top of Los Santos food chain. Each of them has his own problems and affairs. However, fate will eventually bring them together, and it will be up to you whether all three characters will live to the end of the main plot or just one of them will get to quietly drink martini aging in peace in his luxurious villa. Dive into this amazing world of chaos, pass all the trials of GTA V and rise to the highest position of the criminal clan!

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