The game immerses the player in a world of crime, gang warfare, and the shady life of the big city. The player begins their journey as an ordinary man or woman, accidentally involved in the world of crime. The gameplay takes place in several stages, where in the first one the player creates their own character. This process includes the creation of appearance, the selection of clothing, as well as the pedigree – the player chooses the character’s parents themselves. After that, the game begins.

The player has to perform tasks of their mafia bosses, which can be easy when they need to deliver a parcel from one place to another. There are more complicated tasks, where they have to steal a car. Additionally, they have to take part in shootouts with the real mafia. The game has a large selection of weapons for all occasions.

A bit later, the character becomes richer and gets their own car, ship, helicopter, and even house. They fastly move forward by carrier ladder and can also become the boss of the mafia – everything depends on how successfully they do the tasks and complete the missions. The player can also lose the game if they can’t deal with difficult missions that require logic and strategy.

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