GTA Vice City

The upcoming release of GTA Vice City is surrounded with all kinds of rumors, but only a few of them can be trusted. We’ll tell you what presumptions to believe. Perhaps the most likely prognosis is the presence of several game characters, one of whom will be a woman. An interesting confirmation appeared in the news that Ryan Gosling and his wife Eva Mendez are participating in one of Rockstar game projects, and it is probably about the new GTA.

The total number of main characters can increase to 4-5 people, keeping the system of switching between them. The plot lines will become more branchy and will include many elements of interaction between the characters. While in GTA 5 it was possible to go with a friend to a tavern or strip club, and in GTA 4 we could invite a girl to a date at a bowling alley and darts, then in the new game of the series there will be those and other opportunities plus something new will definitely appear. Two men can compete with each other to attract the attention of the ladies, and then one of them will go on a romantic date with the chosen one, and the second will be left alone and get drunk in the nearest pub.

Alas, a meeting of characters from different GTA series in one game setting is hardly possible, since previous games belonged to different time periods in the life of America – the 80s in retro style, the 90s with gangster clashes, and finally our 2000s with smartphones and the internet. Therefore, we should most likely be waiting for completely new heroes, who will happen to meet those form the fifth chapter who have become rich and retired.

Another fairly realistic rumor states that the new GTA will include all major cities appearing in earlier games, even London and Manchester that appeared in the old games of the GTA series. As for the latter, it is doubtful, except individual missions, but the rest of the cities fit perfectly into a single map. Connecting all the most famous sights of the United States in one game is not an easy task. In the case of GTA 6, Vinewood, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, the Las Venturas casino and other famous and recognizable places will have to coexist somehow on the same map. Since the world of GTA is growing and becoming the prototype of the United States, then surely there will be a place for Mount Rushmore with presidential faces carved in the rock, the Grand Canyon, and Niagara Falls. There will be more information about the game soon, so follow us to keep up!

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