GTA 6 Cheats

The release of GTA 5 was a bomb and now Rockstar is preparing another sensation – GTA 6! What do we know about the upcoming game so far? The events will again unfold in an imaginary city, but based on a prototype from real life. Like the previous games of the series, the sixth chapter will be characterized by an open world full freedom of action. Developers said they plan not to limit the choice of locations with the American continent. Perhaps, we’ll also see other cities of the world! One of the possible prototypes is Houston that contains various vibrant locations and is also home to Mexican drug clans. According to rumors, the studio is also considering such cities as Las Vegas, Paris and London.

Anyway, there is also a chance that develops will bring the player back to one of the cities featured in earlier game parts. Particularly, one of the options is Vice City. At the same time, the studio said it had always dreamed of uniting all cities from the series. And while the game world grows bigger with every chapter, it’s a possibility that the environment of GTA 6 will consist of several cities, including those we’ve already seen in the gangster saga with cheats.

Rockstar told it already has plenty of ideas that will be used for the new game. One of them is the change of the main hero. In the previous games, we used to control just one character. Then this list was expanded by two other heroes in GTA 5. Now it’s time for even more revamps like the addition of a female character. This suggestion was also confirmed by one of Rockstar script writers. Another thing the studio plans to include is the use of holograms. 3D glasses can also become one of the new features GTA 6 will benefit from. For now, we can only make guesses, but soon we will know for sure what to expect from the sixth part of our favorite criminal series!

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