GTA 2019

Rockstar has announced the upcoming launch of GTA VI and now the attention of thousands of players is drawn to all possible rumors associated with the new game. For now, sources claim the sixth part of the widely popular gangster series will hit the market in 2021. It sounds reasonable because the timing also coincides with the release of a new console generation.

The date of the proposed launch is not the only leak about the new game. According to some sources, the action of GTA 2019 VI will unfold in the fictional Vice City, a peculiar analogue of South Florida from Rockstar, which appeared in the series earlier.

It’s also known that the game has the working title of Project America, from which it can be assumed that some of the actions in Grand Theft Auto 6 may occur in South America. We don’t know what exactly these places are, maybe they will be used during missions, such as North Yankton in the fifth chapter.

GTA V became the first in the franchise with over one main character, with a choice between black ghetto guy Franklin, ex criminal Michael and the insane Trevor, each of whom had a role in the storyline. And although we can’t tell for certain yet whether there will be several main heroes in GTA VI, there is information that we can finally expect the appearance of a female character. This is undoubtedly a breakthrough in the series of games from Rockstar where alpha males traditionally dominate, leading the struggle in the modern world.

There are no rumors about GTA VI Online yet. And this most likely means that GTA Online will become the main part of the new chapter, provided that GTA Online has brought loads of money to the company. The format of the expected sequel is still a mystery. These are all the rumors we have available at the moment. However, more can pop up any time from numerous leaks and interviews with the company. So stay with us to keep track of the latest information on the new GTA chapter and find out about the most recent details first!

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